October 19, 2023


Maya Brown, Political Consultant and Strategist, Represents Florida at White House Meeting to Discuss Biden-Harris Agenda Impact

Washington, DC – Maya Brown, the founder of MB Strategies, is set to represent Florida and engage in a pivotal dialogue on the positive impacts of the Biden-Harris Administration’s programs within the state’s communities. Today, she joins 39 other Florida political leaders at the White House for the “Communities in Action” meeting, a platform designed to assess, discuss, and strategize the continuing collaboration between the administration and local leaders.

One of the standout highlights of the event will be Maya Brown’s discussion of the Port Tampa Bay Grant, a substantial funding allocation of $12.6 million. This grant will be directed towards the construction of a new berth at the Port Redwing facility, a project of immense importance for Florida’s economy and logistics; underscoring the importance of enhancing the infrastructure and economic prospects of the region.

In addition to her role as a political leader and strategist, Maya Brown also serves as an adjunct professor, making her uniquely attuned to the state of higher education and its challenges. During the Communities in Action Meeting, she plans to address critical issues related to teacher pay and the impact of anti-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) legislation in Florida. Her goal is to seek partnership opportunities with the White House to address these pressing concerns and ensure that education remains a cornerstone of progress in the state.

Maya Brown expressed her enthusiasm for this unique opportunity, stating, “As a proud Floridian, I’m honored to stand alongside our state’s political leaders at the White House today to champion the achievements of the Biden-Harris agenda. The Port Tampa Bay Grant is a testament to the progress we can make together, and I’m equally committed to addressing education concerns that matter to Floridians. By working in partnership with the federal government, we can continue to build a stronger, more inclusive Florida for all.”

Maya Brown is the founder of MB Strategies, a seasoned political strategist, and an adjunct professor with a deep commitment to Florida’s growth and prosperity. With a diverse background in public policy and education, Maya Brown is dedicated to advocating for change and fostering collaboration to create a brighter future for her community and the state of Florida. Brown has been recognized as a 2022 Florida Politics’ 150 Most Influential People in Florida Politics and 2020 Florida Politics’ Influence Magazine’s ‘30-under-30’.